Vienna Boys Choir in Carmel, Indiana

Last weekend my parents were in town and we went to see the Vienna Boys Choir perform at the inaugural season for The Palladium, a new concert hall in Carmel, Indiana.

This was a real treat for two reasons. The first was that I sang in the Raleigh Boy Choir for seven years while growing up. We mostly toured North Carolina and the East coast, but did make a trip to Europe that was a lot of fun.

The second treat was having my dad tour The Palladium. Having renovated an award-winning concert hall himself (Raleigh Memorial Auditorium), it was nice to have him explore and enjoy our new concert hall.

The best number in the show was their first one: “O Fortuna / Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi” by Carl Orff. You can find a humorous sample of their performance at the link below.

A commercial for the European Football Championship in 2008