Noblesville, Indiana, Earthquake at 7:56 am

I believe I just experienced an earthquake at our office in Noblesville, Indiana, 46060, at 7:56 am. I’m on the forth floor of a brick hospital and I could clearly feel the building shake for about three seconds, though it didn’t shake hard enough for anything to fall or break.

Update 1: If you wish to officially report that you felt the quake, go here:

Update 2: Indianapolis Star reports “4.2 earthquake hits north central Indiana

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  1. I felt it too in Markle. It was very strong and loud although the house did not shake. I live in LA and am flying back today. If that wasn’t an earthquake, I’d really like to know what it was.

  2. Around that time, there was what sounded like a heavy wind storm, and/or what sounded like thunder outside…and I’m in Shelbyville, Indiana…way south east. I looked outside and didn’t see any wind blowing….didn’t think anything of it.

  3. My sister felt it. I was sleeping. She ran in screaming. She was so scared. She said it lasted at lasted 10 seconds. I’m in Marhsall County, so it was about a 4.6 or some sort.. I couldn’t tell by how she described it.

  4. I woke up to the shaking (Fort Wayne) which rattled my bedroom windows and my bottle collection, it lasted about 7 seconds. However, after there was a vibrating feeling for about 10 more seconds or so. It felt like a couple of full loaded simi truck had passed by. The dog jumped off the bed and was a bit freaked out but I was more in interest than frightened.

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