Noblesville, Indiana, Earthquake at 7:56 am

I believe I just experienced an earthquake at our office in Noblesville, Indiana, 46060, at 7:56 am. I’m on the forth floor of a brick hospital and I could clearly feel the building shake for about three seconds, though it didn’t shake hard enough for anything to fall or break.

Update 1: If you wish to officially report that you felt the quake, go here:

Update 2: Indianapolis Star reports “4.2 earthquake hits north central Indiana

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  1. Yup. 7:56 am…Shook the pictures on my wall. Lasted about 10-11 seconds.

  2. I Felt it in Atlanta, IN. (Right above noblesville by Tipton). It woke me up!

  3. I was on the phone with my brother in Marion when he felt the quake. . .I felt it aprox 5 seconds later. Marion is about 60 mils north

  4. Yes, we felt it in Noblesville as well. Interesting to hear about Ft Wayne

  5. Felt it in Muncie/Yorktown Indiana! Shook for a couple seconds, but didn’t do any damage or anything

  6. West side of Anderson felt it. Shook my lamp, etc. Lasted at least several seconds.

  7. We felt a jarring thump that shook our Yorktown home for about 3 seconds.

  8. I felt it too in Markle. It was very strong and loud although the house did not shake. I live in LA and am flying back today. If that wasn’t an earthquake, I’d really like to know what it was.

  9. Muncie, shook for several seconds. I was on the couch and it shook alot.

  10. Ok good to know I’m not crazy. It was just enough to wake me up here in Kokomo.

  11. Around that time, there was what sounded like a heavy wind storm, and/or what sounded like thunder outside…and I’m in Shelbyville, Indiana…way south east. I looked outside and didn’t see any wind blowing….didn’t think anything of it.

  12. I work at the VA Hospital in Fort Wayne on the 3rd floor, my co-worker and I felt it also.

  13. I felt it in Carmel. The house shook for few seconds! I knew it was an earthquake right away.

  14. My sister just text and said it centered in Kokomo. I will find out her source.

  15. She heard it on the tv. Center right close to Greentown, Indiana (east of Kokomo).

  16. I felt it as well in Sweetser. I was woken by things rattling in my house and a loud sound that sounded like thunder.

  17. My sister felt it. I was sleeping. She ran in screaming. She was so scared. She said it lasted at lasted 10 seconds. I’m in Marhsall County, so it was about a 4.6 or some sort.. I couldn’t tell by how she described it.

  18. yeah we felt it here in fort wayne. i thought it was just me until my fiance asked me if i was ok. thats crazy

  19. Work at hospital in Marion, IN on the 4th floor. We felt the whole building shake.

  20. I woke up to the shaking (Fort Wayne) which rattled my bedroom windows and my bottle collection, it lasted about 7 seconds. However, after there was a vibrating feeling for about 10 more seconds or so. It felt like a couple of full loaded simi truck had passed by. The dog jumped off the bed and was a bit freaked out but I was more in interest than frightened.

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