SMS Spam

Late last night and early this morning I received two unwanted SMS text messages from phone number (949) 394-3052 and (949) 228-5584 bearing the same message:

SMS Spam

IRS ALERT! New gov’t program REDUCES BACK TAXES up to 70 percent, removes liens, garnish, levies. To qualify: REPLY: “IRS” (free, private consult)

This isn’t my first encounter with SMS spam, but it prompted me to see if I could do anything to prevent it.

The New York Times published a helpful article in 2008 entitled “How to Block Cellphone Spam, ” which let me to, an AT&T site that gives me the ability to block message like these.

You’ll find the options under Preferences; look for text-blocking and alias options. You may also block messages from specific e-mail addresses or websites if you want.

SMS Spam from (949) 394-3052

(949) 394-3052 SMS Spammer

SMS Spam from (949) 228-5584

(949) 228-5584 SMS Spammer

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  1. You should complain, and consider filing a lawsuit. SMS spam is in violation of several federal and state statutes. You can submit an official complaint on the FTC and FCC web sites. (SMS spam falls under the purview of both agencies.) Filing an official complaint is very easy, takes only a few moments, and helps put an end to this antisocial phenomenon.

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