Calls from 998-456. Where’s the seventh digit?


Recently, I have been receiving calls from 998-456. You counted correctly; there are only six digits.

Who is this mysterious six-digit caller? I can’t call them back for it’s an invalid number. They don’t leave a message, so I presume it’s some automated service.

Worst of all, I cannot report them to the National Do Not Call Registry at because it’s not a valid seven- or ten-digit number.

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  1. me too! And they were calling for a different name than me. Then when I told them it was the 6th call and remove me from their f’g list, the guy said “Can I get a kiss?”

    I called him a sick f# and hung up on him.

    I’ve also been getting texts to the person they were looking for. I’m bookmarking this site in case anyone else writes in about who they are.

  2. Sorry won’t give my real name since calls from the number 998-456 went from a mere nuisance to downright crazy. The man had a rather thick Asian,possibly,Chinese,accent..he asked for someone whose name I couldn’t make out then proceeded to say things like, “F*** You.” “.I wanna kiss your ass”,,blah blah..I reported this to my phone co. and they believe it to be a ‘voice over IP’ like Vonage or sure to report this to your phone co.You should be able to get your number changed for free since it is due to abusive calss.

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