Symphony of Science

Today I discovered John Boswell’s Symphony of Science website and his compilation of remixing of Carl Sagan‘s PBS Service Cosmos to electronic music — turning Carl’s scientific poetry into song.

Sadly, it was only last year when I first discovered the Cosmos series, which was originally produced in 1980. Without question, Cosmos is the most scientifically informing, captivating, and inspiring television series I’ve seen. And now, thanks to the Symphony of Science, I can enjoy some of Carl’s — among other scientists — wisdom in song.

John appears to use Auto-Tune, software that corrects vocal pitch, to turn spoken words into song. The result sounds a bit like rapper T-Pain, but it works well with the electronic music in the background.

Indecently, I learned of both Cosmos and Symphony of Science via The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast. If you are interested in critically thinking about controversial claims from a scientific point of view, noting beats the SGU.