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  1. The obvious love and happiness just jumped out of my screen. We are so very delighted for you both. Jason, she’s gorgeous!

  2. A handsome couple indeed. It took a while, but it looks like Jenny was well worth the wait to me!

  3. These are some amazing photos! Just gorgeous (and you almost wouldn’t know you were in Indy for some of them)! You two are so lucky to have & to hold one another from here on out… we’re excited for you! All the best as the months ahead really fly by…

  4. “She really makes me look good, doen’s she?” Yes, she does. Congraduations. BTW Just yesterday someone in my seminar group gave a presentation which included a slide on why men prefer beautiful women. Research argued that it was from a desire to bask in reflected glory.

    I came here because I used to use your version of Media Wiki’s skin (a version of “monobook” perhaps) for a private, bloglike wiki. I can’t seem to see that site now.

    I did not know one could imbed flickr slideshows. Cool. I will have to work out how to do that.

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