Disposable dress code for long trips

One of my favorite strategies I have in packing for long trips is to pack my old and unwanted clothes with the intent that I will discard them on my trip as I go.


  • I get rid of old and unwanted clothes
  • I lighten my load as a go, making room for things I buy along the way


  • I look and feel like an ugly tourist
  • I’m horribly dressed in all of my travel photos

Despite the disadvantages, I press on reminding myself that I prefer function over form. An unknown advantage that I like to consider is the possibility that the maid’s who clean up my room might actually take my discarded clothes home. I’ve typically wear garments only one day and fold them nicely in a pile by the trashcan, as if to say, “I no longer want these clothes, you can have them, and you don’t have to dig through the trash if you want them.”

The good news is that when it comes to my sense of fashion, it is quite easy for me to pick out clothes that I should no longer be seen in. This photo demonstrates the worst offenders that I’m considering to pack and discard throughout Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Clothes to discard while traveling

I won’t be able to pack and discard all of these items on my 14-day trip through South America, but it’s a good base for me to select from. Naturally, I do pack some nicer items for those evenings out.