Finberg’s Commencement Speech

Yesterday I attended Elon’s graduation to see my college roommate Doug Finberg deliver the commencement speech. Here are a few highlights from the day.

Doug’s Speech

If you want to hear Doug’s introduction and speech, here you go.


Phillips, Pearce, Thomas, & Finberg

Pictured are roommate Brad Phillips, me, fraternal big brother Lee Thomas, and roommate Doug Finberg.

Phillips, Pearce, Thomas, Finberg

Before (1993): Pearce, Finberg, Phillips

The three college roommates circa 1993.

Jason Pearce, Doug Finberg, Brad Phillips 1993

After (2008): Pearce, Finberg, Phillips

Same location, same people, just 15 years later.

Pearce, Finberg, Phillips 2008