Gmail IMAP on Windows PocketPC

Today Google released an IMAP interface to Gmail. Once you enable IMAP via Settings in your Gmail account, you then need to configure your client to access Gmail via the new IMAP interface.

Since I’ve never been able to figure out how to get the Gmail for mobile application to run on my Windows Pocket PC (because I can’t find a J2ME Java client), adding IMAP now gives me the ability to ditch their Gmail for mobile browser interface and instead use the built-in Messaging client on my phone, which is also known as Outlook Mobile.

And since Google’s Help Center on the “Supported IMAP Client List” didn’t include instructions on how to set up a Windows Mobile Pocket PC, I thought I’d create a brief tutorial. All steps are made within the Messaging client (Start > Messaging).

Step 1: Menu > Tools > New Account


Step 2: Enter your full Gmail email address


Step 3: Wait or skip the Auto Configuration


Step 4: Enter name, username (sans, password


Step 5: Select IMAP4 and name the account


Step 6: Incoming is, Outgoing is


Step 7: In Options, set Connection frequency


Step 8: Require SSL and Authentication are necessary


Step 9: Headers Only make things quick


Step 10: Menu > Switch Accounts & Menu > Send/Receive to test


19 replies on “Gmail IMAP on Windows PocketPC”

  1. I seem to have a problem setting up my Pocket Outlook client. I followed your directions and see all mail in my inbox. However, if I switch to a folder under the inbox, no mail is found there. If I open up or Thunderbird, the mail is there. Any thoughts?

  2. Jeremy, I have the same problem/experience. Emails that reside in my Gmail Inbox are available, but emails in other Gmail folders (sent, drafts, outbox, etc.) do not appear on my Pocket PC via the Gmail IMAP protocol.

    I’m also having some problems viewing HTML formatted emails via the Gmail IMAP protocol. The plain text messages come through just fine, while other messages appear to have no content in the body.

    At least I know there are messages waiting for me, which can still be accessed via the Pocket PC browser at, which tends to show all email content and folders.

  3. Jeremy,

    I found out what our “problem” was : I too was seeing the gmail folder structure but not a single mail. The problem is that I hadn’t use gmail for a while and the “only display messages form the last [3] days” was checked by default.

    Just go under the “Options” in the Incoming/Outgoing server page unchek it and messages will start appearing…


  4. Everything seems to work for me here but there is no content in the messages I receive. I get the headers and the attachments but the message body is blank.

  5. Did you try to send mail? I get dialog “The message(s) could not be be sent. Check that…”. Are you using separate settings for outgoing mail? By the way the first time i send/receive i got a “certificate not valid message”

  6. gmail to pocket pc: i followed all instructions but when i go to log on, my pocket pc aborts the log on and dumps me back to the account name and password box…any ideas?

  7. So I have my email setup and synced on my mobile device (its actually google apps gmail, so setup was just slightly different). I can recieve emails fine, but when i try to send it tells me to check my account settings. Any suggestions?

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