50 Domains, 23 Registrars

After more than 10 years of service, I’ve finally had it with Network Solutions and am now on the hunt for a new registrar. I’m fed up with NetSol’s constant upselling as well as their refusal to stop sending me emails from domains I don’t recognize (see my post “Network Solutions Phishing & Spam“).

I simply want a domain registar that will help me easily manage my domains and their DNS settings without having to click through screen after screen pitching yet another service I don’t need.

Since I’ve been with NetSol for so long and rarely looked at their competitors, I thought I’d look up the registars some of my favorite blogs are using. So here is a list of 50 domains and the 23 registars they are using.

Blog Registrar
particletree.com 000domains.com
digg.com allindomains.com
a.wholelottanothing.org csl.de
allinthehead.com directnic.com
brainstormsandraves.com directnic.com
tantek.com directnic.com
snook.ca domain.ca
wired.com domainbank.net
bradchoate.com dotster.com
digital-web.com dotster.com
kottke.org dotster.com
dkeithrobinson.com dreamhost.com
simon.incutio.com easyspace.com
hivelogic.com enom.com
rustedrobot.com enom.com
sidesh0w.com enom.com
antipixel.com gandi.net
meyerweb.com gandi.net
textism.com gandi.net
fiftyfoureleven.com itsyourdomain.com
clagnut.com joker.com
hchamp.com joker.com
gizmodo.com markmonitor.com
news.com.com markmonitor.com
37signals.com networksolutions.com
alistapart.com networksolutions.com
bryanbell.com networksolutions.com
dashes.com networksolutions.com
molly.com networksolutions.com
web-graphics.com networksolutions.com
zeldman.com networksolutions.com
daringfireball.net pairnic.com
gnuhaus.com pairnic.com
deltatangobravo.com register.com
evhead.com register.com
whatdoiknow.org registerfly.com
engadget.com registrar.aol.com
mikeindustries.com registrar.godaddy.com
photomatt.net registrar.godaddy.com
simplebits.com registrar.godaddy.com
superfluousbanter.org registrar.godaddy.com
unmatchedstyle.com registrar.godaddy.com
mezzoblue.com stargate.com
1976design.com tucowsinc.com
birdhouse.org tucowsinc.com
boingboing.net tucowsinc.com
designbyfire.com tucowsinc.com
joelonsoftware.com tucowsinc.com
slashdot.org tucowsinc.com
beatnikindustries.com wildwestdomains.com

What registar are you partial to?

2 replies on “50 Domains, 23 Registrars”

  1. try dreamhost. theyre completely against spam. though theyre having a few problems at the moment the hosting plan is cheap and pretty good

  2. I’ve had good luck with pairnic – I also use pair.com for my hosting service, but I think that I’d use pairnic even if I had a different hosting service.

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