Sewage 2.0

On Saturday, the sewage line in my condo complex backed up again. The same problem occured two years ago, causing quite a mess.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the city has a sewage problem, saying “sewers in the oldest parts of the city overflow about 60 times a year or more, inundating waterways annually with 6 billion to 7 billion gallons of wastewater contaminated with raw sewage.”

While 6 billion gallons of wastewater didn’t enter my home, I’d say about five gallons did. I spent much of the day mopping in an effort to contain the wastewater that kept coming in from the drain my HVAC unit accessed for overflow.

To fix the problem, a plummer opened up a relief/overflow valve, which dumped a bunch of sewage into the parking area. It was rather messy.

Sewage soaking into my walls