Network Solutions Phishing & Spam

For three months one of my email accounts has been receiving unwanted Network Solutions emails sent from servers other than *

The emails come from or contain links to *, *, and * These domains are not registered to Network Solutions.

In March I wrote about “Symantec Phishing,” and Network Solution’s emails bear a striking resemblance.

I have repeatedly reported my concerns/complaint to Network Solutions via email and phone. Each time, I have asked them to discontinue emailing * from servers other than * So far, my concern/complaint goes unresolved.

This time, however, they replied with the following canned response:

Unwanted bulk email or “Spam” is a growing concern for Network Solutions’ customers, Internet users, and businesses providing Internet services. If we determine that one of our E-mail customers is sending spam, we can terminate their service under the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy. Because domain names are easily replaced and many spammers have multiple domain name registrations, deleting a domain name will rarely stop spamming activities.

My complaint is that they are source of emails that resemble phishing scams. More so, they are unwanted and are thus spam.

So I guess the only way for me to stop getting spam from Network Solutions is for me to terminate their service. What a pain they have been.

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