Raiser’s Edge Read-Only

Raiser's Edge Read-Only

At 3:00 p.m. today, Lambda Chi Alpha’s 10-year old membership management software was switched to read-only.

No longer will our staff use Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge to update our membership database. Starting next week, they will begin using iMIS by Advanced Solutions International.

This is a big change for Lambda Chi Alpha. The transition is occurring while most of the staff is out of town running our annual conference, giving JB and I the chance to close down the old system, import the data into the new system, and test.

Sure, the next few months will be bumpy with user training, learning a new system, importing missing data, writing new reports, etc. But it’s needed.

iMIS will give Lambda Chi Alpha a more flexible membership management system that will also tie to a new website, which we will begin building once our internal transition is complete.

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  1. Jason, I work for a small NPO that is considering purchasing Raiser’s Edge. I found your site from a blog scan and came across this post. Would you be willing to share with me some of your decision making process and to help me learn more about the two systems? I’m tired of the sales fluff and want to talk with groups that have actual hands on experience and will give me the good and the bad.

    Can you drop me a quick note at [email protected] so we can arrange to chat?

    Thanks, Chris

  2. iMIS is an increadibly buggy application. I cannot believe it is a mature application. Unfortunately the programmers at ASI do not use development methodoligies nor do the apply appropriate rigour to ensure iMIS is a production worthy app.

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