Connecticut to Bangkok

I made it. Door-to-door, it only took me one day, five hours, and thirty-three minutes to get from Norwalk, CT, to my hotel in Bangkok.

The trip started with three hours of ground transportation via train and bus to get from my home to JFK airport in NYC. From there, I had a direct 14-hour flight to Tokyo. This was the longest flight I’ve ever been on. My iPod didn’t last, I finished a JavaScript book, and the movies were for kids.

To get to Tokyo, we departed NYC north, flying just north of Alaska’s farthest most point. According to the onboard map, our latitude was as far north as 72 degrees. As you might imagine, most of the flight was over frozen ocean and tundra. It is amazing the amount of frozen land and ocean that resides in Canada and Russia.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, I met my brother, who flew in from Los Angeles. We found a couple of outlets to charge up our iPods for the upcoming seven-hour flight to Bangkok. Funny thing is we never really used them. Once we got on that plane, we slept like babies.

Today, we meet the folks at the Bangkok airport to catch a 11 a.m. flight to Phuket. From there, we transfer via bus and boat to get to Phi Phi, where we will spend two days scuba diving. You likely won’t hear from me until we return from the islands. Ta ta.