Christmas in NC, New Year’s in FL

I had a great Christmas and hope you did too. Much of my time was spent with family.

My brother Cameron and I logged lots of time on the Xbox playing video games. NBA 2003, Unreal Championship, Gotham Racing, and few others were among our favorites. Thanks to Santa, we were not short on gaming options. Our family of four also spent a few evenings playing cards (Hearts) or heading to the movies.

On my mom’s side of the family, everyone but my cousin Will came to our house for gifts and food on Christmas day. Cousin Lans and his wife Marte flew in from Norway, cousin Chad came from San Francisco, and everyone else had an easy drive within North Carolina.

On my dad’s side, it was fun catching up with cousins Pearce and Patrick Landry and their growing families. Pearce has four boys and Patrick has two girls. My have they all grown.

New Year’s is going to be spent in Jacksonville, Florida, to enjoy the festivities of the Gator Bowl (North Carolina State vs. Notre Dame). We drive down tomorrow (seven hours) and return the following day. While it will be a lot of time in the car, it should be a fun trip.

I hope everyone has a great New Year’s.