Dinner with Katherine Occhipiuti, a RPCV

Tonight I had dinner with Katherine Occhipiuti. Katherine was a Peace Corps volunteer who actually served in Georgetown, Guyana. She has been back almost two years and said that she had a wonderful experience. Someone at dad’s office is a good friend with her, which is how we made the connection.

Katherine was very helpful. Patient too, for I spent the entire dinner bombarding her with questions. She gave me a lot of insights as well as comfort. Mostly, she seemed excited for me; which is good.

Tomorrow my parents and I fly to Los Angeles to attend my brother’s graduation from Chapman University. Cameron has been learning how to be a director of photography for motion pictures and will graduate with a master’s. Nice work bro.

And speaking of brothers, I also get to hang out with two of my favorite fraternity brothers from Elon this weekend: Doug Finberg and Brad Philips. Doug will be getting married soon, a wedding that I will regretfully miss due to the Peace Corps. But I hope that my attending his bachelor party will help make up for it.

After a busy Los Angeles weekend, the entire family heads off to Hawaii for a little vacation.

I’m looking forward to it. And for those who want to call me before I leave, you should note that I’ll be canceling my cell phone after this weekend in LA. Slowly, my connections to the real world are dropping off.