Everyone I know is affected by my departure

Telling friends and family about my decision to join the Peace Corps brings mixed emotions. Some respond with excitement and countless of questions, while others display sadness and concern. Most are both happy for me, and sad to see me go.

While many of my friends respect and admire my independence, I often fail to realize what I mean to them. I clearly underestimated how my decision to join the Peace Corps affects others.

I knew that I would have to make many sacrifices (no income, no TV, no hot water, etc.), but hardly considered the many sacrifices that those who know me will also have to endure; and endure without a choice or say in the matter.

I now realize that everyone I know is affected by my departure. And I want to thank them for their support and apologize for my absence.

Jennifer Griggs: I’ll miss your birthdays, holidays, road trips, Brook’s wedding, pumpkin carving parties, and all of the many things that we have enjoyed doing together in the last three years.

Doug Finberg: My best friend from college, I’ll miss your wedding. I know I was just one of your few invited guests, so I realize how important it was for me to be there.

Ansley Paulson and Sean Torres: I’ll also miss your weddings. How I would have enjoyed attending both, catching up with friends, and sharing your important day.

C.A.M. Wagner and Aaron Ayscue: The two of you are going to be dads in the next six months. By the time I see your offspring; they will be two-years old. I’m happy for you both.

Volleyball Teammates: We have great dynamics on and off the court. I’m sorry that you will have to play without me. At least now you’ll have fewer passing errors.

These are just a few of the many friends that will be affected by my departure. I think you all are great, appreciate your support, and hope to keep in touch. May my remaining few months here in the USA be spent with each of you.